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By | 08/14/2015


Warning: The Wealthy Affiliate training material was developed in English only. So unless you can understand English you will not get very much out of the information and/or training.

If you are considering joining Wealthy Affiliate, Don’t Do It! just yet anyways. While it is true you can start a website in 30 seconds, you need to think about a few things first. Take 29 1/2 minutes to think about what you want to do. Are you going to sell something? Or provide information to the public? You will then need to pick a website name, with Wealthy Affiliate you can use their free website or you can direct your own website to Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate free websites are actually a sub-domain of what they call SiteRubix. Your website will actually look like this (www.(your site name) otherwise, it will look like a normal site (www.(your site name).com). For more information view my blog on getting started. Kyle (Wealthy Affiliate founder) posted some very good advice on choosing a good domain name.

You should also plan to spend at least several hours a day for the next 7 days with Wealthy Affiliate. You need to truly experience the Wealthy Affiliate effect in order to understand just what Wealthy Affiliate offers. You also need to make sure that Wealthy Affiliate is right for you. So, Do Not Join Wealthy Affiliate until you can dedicate the time to it. After that you can develop a schedule that fits your situation and what you are willing to put in to it. Remember, while we cannot and do not guarantee your success it is up to you to make it work. We have all the resources’ you need to be a success on the Internet but you need to Learn and apply what you learn. Also, do not forget to ask Questions!

If you should join Wealthy Affiliate

On your first day I want you to do two things first. 1. Learn to use the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard. Create your profile so that others can get to know you. 2. Follow the Wealthy Affiliate member I have listed below. Doing these two things will help you a lot.

If you should decide to join Wealthy Affiliate you will need to get to know it. Explore your dashboard so that you know how to ask your questions and post your blogs if you wish to write some. Later you may want to develop some training material, you will need to know where to go and do that. It is no different than learning how to work a new program on your computer. The following images will help you navigate your dashboard a little easier.

Dashboard1 Dashboard2

As you go through your training you will want to bookmark parts that you may want to visit again. Or, you may want to bookmark other members blogs, questions, or training. View the image below to learn how to use bookmarks within Wealthy Affiliate.


Once you have created your account with Wealthy Affiliates, Tell the community about yourself. The community will respond better if you have completed your profile. Just let everyone know you are here, who you are, and that you’re ready to learn.

You will also need to build your own network of other members. They are the ones that will help you as you start your journey to become a Wealthy Affiliate (Internet Marketer). The following list are folks that I feel you should start with.  They are part of my network and they will help you with just about any problem you run into.


 Bob Street  Premium This is me! 🙂

bstreet57Premium Joined: March 14, 2014Rank: 487


Kyle Premium  Ambassador (Co-Founder)

 Member Rank: 1 Followers: 380163 Member Since: September 10, 2005


Carson Premium  Ambassador (Co-Founder)

 Member Rank: 2 Followers: 380730 Member Since: August 31, 2005


MarionBlack Premium  Ambassador

 Member Rank: 14 Followers: 2627 Member Since: June 29, 2014


Loes Premium  Ambassador

 Member Rank: 4 Followers: 2559 Member Since: July 15, 2014


nathaniell Premium  Ambassador

 Member Rank: 11 Followers: 23021 Member Since: June 03, 2010


TJ Books Premium  Ambassador

 Member Rank: 24 Followers: 9438 Member Since: May 29, 2008


PhilRou Premium

 Member Rank: 452 Followers: 1754 Member Since: December 30, 2013


 kholmes Premium

 Member Rank: 252 Followers: 2303 Member Since: July 18, 2014


hildacbg Premium Top 200

 Member Rank: 109 Followers: 2416 Member Since: August 07, 2014


 upsgirl Premium  Ambassador

 Member Rank: 3 Followers: 9050 Member Since: July 15, 2014


 Larry_T Premium Top 50

 Member Rank: 44 Followers: 1807 Member Since: January 10, 2011


 JewelCarol Premium  Ambassador

 Member Rank: 16 Followers: 1949 Member Since: August 28, 2014


 Kathy331 Premium  Ambassador

 Member Rank: 12 Followers: 2142 Member Since: August 12, 2014


 boomergp08 Premium  Ambassador

 Member Rank: 6 Followers: 6424 Member Since: August 05, 2013


 Jozeph Premium  Ambassador

 Member Rank: 13 Followers: 1209 Member Since: March 04, 2015


 BigDaddyFred Premium Top 100

 Member Rank: 51 Followers: 2087 Member Since: February 24, 2015


 jaytech Premium Top 50

 Member Rank: 39 Followers: 1358 Member Since: November 18, 2014


 stephhill Premium  Ambassador

 Member Rank: 15 Followers: 1303 Member Since: April 21, 2015


 grampamike Premium Top 100

 Member Rank: 83 Followers: 1084 Member Since: February 05, 2015


 TonyLeeH Premium

 Member Rank: 263 Followers: 3010 Member Since: June 18, 2015


 JeanL Premium  Ambassador

 Member Rank: 19 Followers: 1068 Member Since: March 01, 2015


 PhoenixFlame Premium Top 50

 Member Rank: 31 Followers: 825 Member Since: May 21, 2015


Next you need to understand the rules of the community. Here are the rules for spam within WA. If you go against any of these, you may lose all posting privileges within WA and depending on the severity of the problem you may be completely removed from WA without the ability to ever join again (yes, we do take this stuff seriously).



<===Click here to see the rules.




Soooo… Do Not Join Wealthy Affiliates until you have the time to devote to the training. All you need is just a few hours a day for the next 7 days to get started. You will get 7 days for free with full access to everything that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer. That way you can see for yourself if Wealthy Affiliate is right for you.

Do Not join Wealthy Affiliate until you have had a chance to think about what it is you want to do. Are you going to sell some product or are you going to provide information to the public. What are you going to name your website? Are you going to use Siterubix or buy your Url from GoDaddy (or some other place)? Do you want to host your site with Wealthy Affiliate or use some other hosting service? You are in complete control of your website/business and can do whatever you want.

If you should decide to join Wealthy Affiliate, do the training in the order given. Do not jump around or you can become overwhelmed and confused. Remember to ask questions if you do not understand something. It will be your network as well as the entire Wealthy Affiliate community that will be looking for your questions. Learn to use the Wealthy Affiliate dashboard. It will cost you nothing; you do not even need a credit card. All you have to do is create an account, create your profile, create your own network, and start the training.

Remember that your success is totally depended on the efforts you put in to it. Wealthy Affiliate does not guarantee your success because it is depended on you. They do provide all the materials you could need to be successful. They will even give you a free website or two that you can use create on your own SiteRubix website.

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