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By | 07/20/2015

Currently the member sign up has been disabled due to sign up problems. So I have made all the Info available under Getting Started. Enjoy!

Robsans Network is all about bringing free information to those that need or want to learn about computers, programs, Internet, websites, and business.

As of this posting I have loaded up 12 categories’ of training materials and materials you can use!

35 Database Training  –  14 Graphic Application Training  –  12 Microsoft Office Training  –  28 Operating System Training  –  40 Programming Training  –  48 Web-Programming Training  –  7 “How To” Video’s  –  50 Word Press Video’s  –  43 Niche Ideas some with website materials  –  8 Information PDF’s  –  55 Master Resale Rights  –  11 Private Labe Rights

All this material has been scanned for viruses and whether or not they actually function.  It has been my experience with downloading PLR’s, MRR’s, and training material that do not work or have a virus attached. Running in to these problems can really ruin your day and give you a headache the size of the Grand Canyon. With the materials that I put up on this site you will not have to worry about that. On the other hand, I do highly recommend that you use a Virus Protection program such as Norton 360. I do my best to check out all materials before I upload them to this site.

The database training covers Microsoft Access, SQL, and various other database programs. Graphic Application cover Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe InDesign. Microsoft Office includes Word, Excel, and powerpoint  from 2003 to 2010. The operating Systems cover Android, Microsoft Windows, Unix-Linus, and Mac OS. Programming materials will teach you about C++, CSharp, Java, and visual Basic. Web-Programming materials include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, ASP, API, Dreamweaver, CMS, and various other languages. Word Press is a free website building platform that has grown since 2003. I have used may website builders but I really like this one. While I have many “How To” video’s your best bet is to simple go to WordPress.org and learn how to use it. I promise, once you have the basics down, you will love it. If you are not sure what kind of Niche you want to work on, I have 43 ideas that come with various materials to help you get started. Then there are PDF’s, Mrr’s, and PLR’s, not sure what these are? Come on inside and find out for yourself.

What I have put up here is small compared to what is out there on the Internet. Many are free and some you will need to pay for. I would suggest that you stay with the free stuff at first. Once you have a good understand of how to use the material then you can start buying materials to start a business and earn a income.

I have been on the Internet for over 20 years and have been infected many times mostly because I did something stupid. In the past the only way to clean up your computers was to wipe your hard drive and reload everything. There was no place to take your computer to get it fixed, you had to do it yourself. I have even had problems with a few so called anti-virus programs that did not catch the viruses. Now days, I do not worry about such things because I use Norton 360. As I cruse the Internet and go from one website to another I can tell if the site is bad or not. Norton will tell me and if I am attacked, Norton blocks them. No I am not a Symantec affiliate, I will not get anything for this endorsement but, hopefully, one day I will. I have been using Norton 360 for several years now and it has never let me down unlike some others.

If you are going to do business on the Internet in any shape or form, you need to protect your identity. I highly recommend LifeLock even though you have to pay for it, it will give you peace of mind. While I have account with Credit Sesame I have not checked them out that well as yet. The one good things about them is that there basic account is free and would be a good place to start. As with all things on the Internet, please protect yourself. Do not let hackers and thief’s wreck your life.

Thanks for reading this blog and have a great day!



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