When I was a Gamer

By | 04/14/2015

A long time ago when I was a gamer. I played a human ranger in a game called Ever Quest on their Veeshan server. It was a great game and I soon found myself addicted to it. I played for long periods of time for several years. I did take a break from it for awhile but soon found myself back in the game for a few more years. I had a guild with over 200 members; it was called the Lucilin Brewing Company. The people in this guild would play the game as if it were real life. We would fight together to complete a common goal. Many of us would become great friends and would support each other like we were brothers and sisters. We would have good times and bad times but we always had fun.


Wealthy Affiliates has become like the game to me. They have created a guild of sorts with people from all walks of life and from around the world. You will create your own network of people within the guild that you keep in touch with. The goal is to create a website and/or business that will accomplish a personal goal. The goal could be making money or just getting information out to the public.

To do anything on the Internet, you are going to need to know how to make a website. You will need to know how to use the many applications it takes to make a website. You will need to know what a URL is and how it works. What are SEO and WSO? You will have many questions and unless you have your own resources, Wealthy Affiliates can help. All the people within WA have asked thousands of questions and got their answers from other members or from our founders themselves.


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